Success Stories

ViewFi offers an intuitive, seamless, and supportive MSK care solution that prioritizes the patient’s unique path to diagnosis, treatment and expedited healing. Hear why it works and how our customers and patients have benefited

“ViewFi was a fantastic experience from start to finish, and the ability to complete my physical exam virtually on my own was incredibly valuable. As a busy professional, this saved me a lot of time and was extremely efficient. The process was straightforward, and I received my diagnosis and plan of care within minutes of completing my 1:1 consultation with my provider. Overall, the experience was fast, accurate, and provided clarity on my injury.”
Michael Heller, CEO, Cozen O’Connor, Philadelphia
“My doctor used ViewFI to examine my shoulder. It was an amazing experience that surpassed any in person exams I had previously.”
Mike G

ViewFi Partners

Through partnerships with the world’s top medical organizations like the Hospital for Special Surgery and Rothman Orthopaedics, ViewFi has built a premier technology, medical community and customer-experience to provide the path to better care.

“Being able to go through the exam tests at my convenience, and then set up a time to review the results with my doctor was so efficient… It’s an absolute game changer.”
Alison R
“My ViewFi exam was easy to complete and effective, it saved hours of my life.”
Justin F