How It Works

ViewFi offers the most effective and seamless hybrid care model in musculoskeletal medicine.

The Industry

More time-efficient than a traditional in-office visit
MSK diagnostic exam tests covering every MSK joint and exam
Time savings for patients using ViewFi in lieu of in-office visits

Why ViewFi?

Learn why ViewFi can change your practice’s approach to hybrid care.


From patient communication and appointment scheduling, to accessible, real-time exam results, our platform is designed to help streamline your practice and assist in patient-care.


Our virtual care model enables your practice to take on patients in need of MSK care, no matter their geographic location, by removing the requirement and restrictions of in-office visits.


Our catalog of exams and state-of-the-art range of motion measurement help you diagnose faster, mitigating unnecessary imaging and tests. That means lower costs, and healthier patient outcomes.

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