How It Works

Personalized, intuitive and effective care to get you on the path to recovery, faster.

Better Care, So You Can Move Forward

From intake and diagnosis to treatment and recovery, we’re with you from start to finish.

Get started with our Intro Screener to identify your area(s) of injury and pain. Get connected with your personal Health Guide, available to you on-demand when you need support.
Receive your set of personalized diagnostic exams to complete on your own time. Our physicians assess your injuries down to the degree, using our premier technology, to diagnose what’s wrong.
Meet with your medical provider one-on-one, virtually, to review your exam results. We’ll discuss your diagnosis and work on your personalized Care Plan for treatment, together.
Your Health Guide will help to connect you with the doctors, imaging, treatment or rehabilitation needed for next steps to continue your path to Recovery, faster.
Get Started

Your Path to Better Care

Why is ViewFi unique and beneficial for your healthcare needs?

Skip the Waiting Room

No more waiting for referrals, in-person appointments, or expensive imaging, Our world-class medical team will address your issues immediately, using our advanced diagnostics technology.

Technology You Can Use

Our intuitive, web-based platform removes telehealth intimidation and ensures you have what you need to successfully complete your exams and get your results, quickly.

Guided Support

From your personalized Health Guide, to on-demand exam support, and one-on-one appointments with our providers, ViewFi’s hybrid care model takes care of the physical and mental health of the whole patient.

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