How It Works

ViewFi provides world-class care for musculoskeletal injuries, featuring a technologically-driven experience that prioritizes getting your employees on the road to diagnosis and treatment, faster.

Why ViewFi?

Learn why ViewFi can change your company’s approach to virtual healthcare and get your employees back to work, faster.

Immediate and Efficient Access

Our world-class medical team is directly available to your employees, virtually, without the time away from work and long-awaited appointments; expediting the path to diagnosis and treatment, no matter their geographic location.

Cost-Saving Diagnosis

Our intuitive, web-based platform and diagnostic technology improve the accuracy in measuring a patient’s range of motion, resulting in succinct diagnosis and drastic cost savings through mitigation of unnecessary imaging and tests.

Expedited Recovery

Our personalized path of care helps your employees get to the root of their injury faster to start the next steps for treatment. That means lower costs, healthier patients, and faster recovery.

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